I feel blessed to have had the pleasure of making music with so many people over the years - artists who have inspired me and made me a better musician and a better human being, and I have nothing but endless gratitude for all of them and the experiences we have shared.  Some of those experiences exist only as memories, or as unintentionally outsourced documentation.  Here is a list of recordings that I've been lucky enough to be a part of that were made on purpose, in studios great and small, in basements and garages, attics, closets and living rooms, for all the world to hear. 




Danielle M. & The Glory Junkies - All My Heroes Are Ghosts 2017

Erik White - Erik White 2015

Spotted Tiger - Cloud Year 2015

Danielle Miraglia - Glory Junkies 2015

Samantha Farrell - September Sun 2015

Sarah Blacker - In Waves 2015

Green Monroe - Stars Galore 2015

Brothers McCann - Days Of Ease 2014

Von Robinson & His Own Universe - You're Welcome, With Love 2014

Mally Smith - Mally Smith & The Fertile Void 2013

Sarah Blacker - Precious Little Things 2013

Brothers McCann - Stereo Rd. EP 2012

Brothers McCann - Different Colors 2009

Greg Mayo Band - Sampler EP 2009

Greg Mayo Band - Universal Communication 2008

Greg Mayo & The Groove - (extended play) 2006




Original Score

Live The Stream: The Story of Joe Humphries - Nomadic Studios 2019

The Unidentified - Floodgate Features 2008